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Jaroslaw Jacubiec

0_0_0_0_198_143_csupload_57027019_largeJaroslaw was born in Poland in 1948 to a war torn landscape. His mother had been imprisoned in a labour camp and his father fought the resistance against the Nazis.  As with the entire nation, his parents had been profoundly shaken by the Nazi occupation.

From an early age, Jaroslaw felt an affinity for art and music. As a child, he used to draw in the margins of the newspaper (drawing paper was considered a luxury) and on the walls in inconspicuous places until he was discovered and reprimanded.  Later on, he would even skip school to stay home and draw, but common sense and the pragmatic approach to life of his parents groomed him for an education in the technical field.

As a youth, Jaroslaw also explored his affinity for music.  For a few years, he was active with his band in Warsaw as a lead singer and guitarist.  While working full time as a designer, he completed his degree in mechanical technology. In 1975, Jaroslaw moved to Toronto.  He rekindled his passion for drawing and studying art while working as a mechanical designer for industry.

After relocating to Vancouver in 1977, he continued to devote more time to his artistic development, taking evening courses at local colleges.  Jaroslaw began to explore sculpture and painting.  In 1992, he was accepted to the post-graduate sculpture program at the Capilano College Art Institute.  He has been exhibiting his work for the last 15 years.  Jaroslaw’s work is held in numerous private collections in Canada and abroad.