Our specialty is sourcing local art to fit your taste, space and budget. Download the free Open Door Gallery app to view paintings on your wall, instantly and to scale, with no measuring. As we exclusively carry Canadian made art, every purchase qualifies as a corporate deduction at 100% with no maximum. Shop for beautiful BC art with confidence, knowing every painting sold supports both the career of a local emerging artist, and the AIDS Vancouver Grocery Program.

Open Door Gallery is exploring and expanding the online capacity for Canadian contemporary fine artists. By operating without a storefront we avoid high commissions, and further support our talented artists through ongoing advocacy and outreach. We provide BC painters with a zero-cost platform for listing their work using our cutting edge digital placement app. Artists can market their work without technical savvy or shipping expertise. By listing only local artworks we have defined a unique and beautiful online catalogue. We aim to disrupt the traditional gallery model and promote BC fine artists to the world.

As Co-Founder of iArtView, I have reviewed hundreds of galleries and how they set up their businesses. Open Door Gallery’s concept to unite e-commerce gallery sales with a charitable organization is a timely and brilliant business model. Making a difference to those in need while supporting culture and the arts makes sense. Being able to write off your art purchase is a huge bonus too! I hope to see more galleries follow Open Door Gallery’s lead.

– Kristine Hoffman, Co-Director, iArtView

CARFAC British Columbia

CARFAC BC is the collective voice for professional artists in British Columbia advocating for artists’ legal rights, offering practical advice and support to cultural producers.

Alliance for Arts and Culture Member

The Alliance for Arts and Culture has been a unified voice for the arts in Metro Vancouver since 1986.  This organization tirelessly advocates forthe arts, culture, and heritage community in BC.

Corporate Guide to Canadian Art

As we carry Canadian art, every Open Door Gallery painting qualifies as a corporate deduction at 100% purchase price with no maximum. Learn about the CRA rules with our free on-line guide.

In partnership with AIDS Vancouver, Master’s Art and Frame, Orca Imaging Inc., The Mail Room, Talentosa Productions, iArtView, Rigel Design, Maggie Geiser Bookkeeping, and the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver. Special thanks to Art! Vancouver, Chimp Giving Group, The Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, Hotel Le Soleil, and Open Door Yoga.