Local Art Campaign for AIDS Vancouver

Local Art Campaign for AIDS Vancouver

AIDS Vancouver and Open Door Gallery are pleased to announce the #iheartlocalart fundraising partnership, in celebration of a shared community focus and an investment in local arts and health.

Order your set of gorgeous postcards, greeting cards or notebooks featuring paintings by local artists. Half goes to AIDS Vancouver, as well as 10% of all original artwork sales. Every painting purchase qualifies as a corporate deduction at 100% purchase price with no maximum. See our free Corporate Guide to Canadian Art Acquisition.

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When people affected by HIV/AIDS experience difficulties in accessing services or have a financial, transportation, medical, food, housing or other problem, quality services are available from AIDS Vancouver: Case Management Services, Financial Assistance Fund, Grocery and Nutrition Support, Outreach Care Teams Support, and a Confidential Helpline. AIDS Vancouver has been serving the community since 1983, and was the first AIDS service organization in Canada.

As Co-Founder of iArtView, I have reviewed 100’s of galleries and how they set up their businesses. Open Door Gallery’s concept to unite ecommerce gallery sales with charitable organizations is a timely and brilliant business model.  Making a difference to those in need while supporting culture and the arts makes sense. Being able to write off your art purchase is a huge bonus too. I hope to see more galleries follow Open Door Gallery’s lead!
– Kristine Hoffman, Co-Director, iArtView 


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