AIDS Vancouver Fundraising Partnership

Roy Geronimo


Roy graduated with an art degree from the university of Santo Tomas, in Manila. After working as an illustrator for several years, he traveled to work under the tutelage of a well know muralist and environmental artist, Kazumune Kenji Sensei. Roy’s work as a graphic designer, he immigrated to Canada in 1994 to work for Disney, as an assistant animator. His work, in both oil & acrylic, reflects realistic subject, matter of cityscape, landscapes, and animals. Roy’s rounded and soft-ended depictions of nature evoke a playful yet somehow somber reflection of shared views. His thoughtful use of color draws the viewer inside a world that is a little softer and more orderly than its source. Roy has shown his work in solo and group show’s in Vancouver and his paintings can be found in private collections all over the world.

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