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Kimberly Swain

0_0_0_0_197_335_csupload_57235774_largeKimberly Swain was born on the Canadian West Coast and found her passion for creating at an early age. She jokingly credits her father and uncle as the catalysts for her intense interest in art after playing countless rounds of ‘the drawing game’ to encourage her talent as a child. Kimberly earned an Associate Degree in Fine Arts in 1994. She continues to rely on her intuition and passion to guide her art.  From her fertile imagination she creates pieces using brilliant colours that come alive and spark emotion. Her mediums range greatly and she is always exploring with paint and canvas, pastel and paper and clay works exquisitely embellished with beads and shimmering colour being displayed in private collections locally and internationally including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and United States.