AIDS Vancouver Fundraising Partnership

Jessica Gilbert


Jessa Gilbert is a visual Artist using painting as a primary means of articulating movement and action. Her artwork employs color, shape, and line to create a rhythm emphasizing change within each piece.  Each painting captures an expression of motion, drawing influence from ways in which objects and figures move through space and time, depicting a history of action on the same plane at the same time. Extracting hues from nature and travels, Jessa’s inspiration comes from her affinity for dance, Futurist and Cubist art, as well as how we as individuals interact with, and move through, our surroundings.

Jessa is a Vancouver based artist merging her love of exploring the outdoors and her affinity for painting and visual expression in her artwork. Originally from New York, she graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Studio Art, Art History, and Sociology. Jessa’s artwork has been exhibited internationally, notably in New York, Vermont, California, Montreal and Vancouver.

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