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Peter Heinrich


Leaving (framed) Peter Heinrich 27x36 Acrylic on Canvas $2000 Limited Edition of 20 $390

Leaving (framed)
Peter Heinrich
Acrylic on Canvas $2000
Limited Edition of 20 $390

Peter was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1958 to German immigrants. After relocating to BC in 1971, he spent his first working life in the construction industry.  He picked up a paint brush in the spring of 2002 started with watercolours.  Art was a diversion for the next 9 years, and it saw a transition from watercolours to acrylic and oil paints.

I always new my ‘last career’ was going to be painting…  I just didn’t know when I would start my last career.

After producing landscapes and portraits for a number of years, and being newly married, the decision was made for that career to start in 2012.

I like still life paintings for the technique refinement as well as the quick results. Portraits take weeks, large landscapes take several days but a still life is usually finished in one to two days.  Portraits are amazingly challenging.

This year, the challenge for Peter is being prolific in his output and generating a steady stream of plein air paintings along with his landscapes and portraits.  Peter’s works hang in England, the US and Canada.  Peter now resides in the heart of Surrey with his wife Tracey and their two dogs Abbie and Porter.