AIDS Vancouver Fundraising Partnership

As Co-Founder of iArtView, I have reviewed hundreds of galleries and how they set up their businesses. Open Door Gallery’s concept to unite e-commerce gallery sales with a charitable organization is a timely and brilliant business model.  Making a difference to those in need while supporting culture and the arts makes sense. Being able to write off your art purchase is a huge bonus too! I hope to see more galleries follow Open Door Gallery’s lead.

– Kristine Hoffman, Co-Director, iArtView 

By operating without a dedicated storefront we avoid high commissions, and further support our talented local artists through community advocacy and outreach.  We assist discerning buyers in Vancouver and abroad in finding local art that fits their taste, space and budget.

As a comprehensive curatorial and exhibit planning service for contemporary oil and acrylic painters, we deal exclusively in artists with roots in Vancouver and BC.  Open Door Galley’s mission is to show everyone the great art that exists right here within our community.

Original Canadian artwork created by local Vancouver and BC painters in oil or acrylic medium.  All of our artwork qualifies for the Canadian corporate deduction allowance.


Open Door Gallery is a proud member of The Alliance for Arts and Culture, which has been a unified voice for the arts in Metro Vancouver since 1986.  The Alliance for Arts and Culture is a member-based organization that creates and manages advocacy, networking, and professional development initiatives and opportunities for the arts, cultural and heritage community.

At Arts Summit 2013 the cultural community of British Columbia began a conversation about the need for a BC cultural policy framework.  This discussion, led by the Alliance, launched a province-wide engagement process, BC Creative Convergence, with the goal of developing such a framework.

A cultural policy framework for British Columbia would help to steer the government’s overall priorities and direction, linking plans relating to culture across all ministries, providing a consistent approach to the support of arts and culture, and providing mutual points of reference for all stakeholders. It would serve as a catalyst and a guide for a conversation between the cultural community and government as the latter develops, adopts, and implements policy.

Learn more about BC Creative Convergence here.

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